Teaching Positions

Almost all Koreans are educated at state funded public schools. However, an elite minority receives private schooling thru privately run foreign international schools. Admission requirement is almost prohibited to Koreans which includes a minimum of 5 yearsoverseas education. Teaching Position is akin to teaching in North American public schools. Curriculum and methodology are base abroad and have international accreditation. Hence, teaching qualifications and credentials are similar to teaching in North America. Minimum requirement is a BA in Education and at least a three- year teaching experience.

Korean conglomerates (jaebol in Korean ) like Samsung and LG run their own in-house ESL programs. Perhaps of all the teaching positions in Korea, corporate language centers have the most rigid and goal oriented approach in teaching ESL. Instructions focus on Business English, conversation, English for Specific Purpose (ESP), and exam preparation. Students are corporate employees, whose jobs partly depend on how much they have learned English. Thereby creating a teaching environment with highly driven learners, who are adept at directing their learning goals and expressing their language needs. Hence, corporate teaching jobs are one of the most sought after, with stipend going up to 3 million won.
However, corporate employers require excellent qualifications and experience. Positions are scant and highly in demand.

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